For lyricist Kyle Knight music is woven into his earliest memories. Growing up in New York, he learned songwriting, audio engineering and gained an appreciation for live instrumentation at his father’s home studio, whom produced a remix of SWV’s Right Here as well as work with rap icon, Chuck D (Public Enemy).  Raised on a wide variety of musical genres, Kyle’s influences range from Motown and Michael Jackson to Nas and Tupac.

Combining the power of his lyricism and message with full instrumentation and riveting solos, he strives to elevate Hip-Hop to new heights.  While avoiding profanity, Kyle’s message of resistance fuels a directed effort to uplift and inform.  The recent release of his debut album, The Truth EP,  has gained acclaim internationally (on top of his domestic popularity), reaching fans as far as Africa, India, the Philippines and Columbia – to  name a few.   With the use of storytelling, the relevance of Kyle’s music naturally resonates in this tumultuous era.



Knight’s breakout single, Hey Sister, addresses abusive relationships and female empowerment.  A special radio remix of the song featuring violinist Monique Brook Roberts (TruVibe) premiered at Ashford and Simpsons’ Sugar Bar NYC in the official music video, attracting editors from XXL, Complex Magazine, and debuted this fall on Aspire TV’s New Now Next show and Music Choice’s Hip Hop Network On Demand and Featured Video Channels.

With the title track, The Truth, Kyle wraps the components of socially conscious Hip-Hop in rich orchestration – addressing a wide array of subjects from knowledge of self and misogyny to political corruption. The Truth’s compelling guitar solo by Peter Griffo, and the soul-stirring chorus sang by a group of energized children, create a truly uplifting experience for the listener.

In the forthcoming single, Addiction, Kyle delves into the current epidemic of pill and opioid addiction plaguing millions around the world. The topical nature of this release aims to galvanize listeners and affect real change.  “The truth shall set you free,” the message at the heart of all of his sociopolitical lyrics, shows Kyle is as much activist as artist – “Speak the truth, are you blind?… Live or die, truth will survive… a brainwashed planet seems to run rampant… So be the truth, hear the truth, hold the truth, way way way overdue…”  This is what is real in Kyle Knight’s music.

Recent performances include an appearance at Five Towns College in Long Island, the Art In The Park Festival,  Radio One’s 2017 Back to School Party,  2017 Harlem Week, Hair Nation Expo 2017, and Shrine World Music Venue in Harlem. You can find updates and announcements on upcoming appearances and his growing body of work at:

  • Facebook: @kyleplyricpublishingllc
  • Twitter/ Instagram:  @kyleknightmusic
  • YouTube: Kyle Knight Music
  • Artist Website: http://www.kyleknightmusic.com
  • CD Baby: https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/kyleknight

With a growing list of live performances under his belt, Kyle Knight is working tirelessly towards a full album,  acting, and entrepreneurial pursuits while gearing up for the follow up single “Addiction” while continuing to build on his existing Kyle P. Lyric Publishing catalog. The Truth EP is available at CD Baby, Amazon, iTunes, Tidal, Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, Deezer, and other digital  outlets worldwide.