The Truth DJ Remix Project: Calling All Hip Hop DJs & Remix Producers



February 1, 2018

‘The Truth is power.
The Truth has a voice.
The Truth is not on strike.
The Truth cannot be denied.
The Truth will always remain until it comes to light.”

Re: The Truth Remix Virtual Party

Greetings DJs and Remix Producers,

Double XXposure Media Relations and Kyle Knight Music would like to invite you to share your expertise as Remix Producers in a campaign for The Truth Remix Project. This project consists of two singles, THE TRUTH and ADDICTION, by NY conscious rapper Kyle Knight. We are looking for extraordinary remix DJs and producers with eclectic sounds to bring creativity and winning production to the project when remixing these songs with the provided lyrical content.

Download the project files in WAV format, for your use, from the links below. Submit your remixes to Our committee will listen to your remixes and select those remixes to be included in the album to be promoted worldwide. will host the virtual listening party where final selections will be played and voted on by DJs, Radio personalities, Label Execs and other industry attendees of the virtual party. Inclusion in this project grants you global promotion access to your professional industry influencers invites and voting rights as well as promotion of your remix on blogs, social media platforms, and radio stations with audiences in over 175 countries.

The Truth Remix Project timeline is as follow:
Submissions due: Thursday, February 20th, 2018
Final decisions: Wednesday, February 28th, 2018
Virtual Party will be held on Thursday, March 1st, 2018.
Time/Platform: 6pm,

Project files available for download via:
Google Drive:

Remixes should be submitted via with the following information:

DJ Name
Phone #
Affiliated Radio station, if any
Social media profiles
Name of the remix (DJ name in the title of WAV file)

Below are the representatives in your respective market:

Southern Markets:
Frankie Smokehouse, e:, p: (919) 212-6222

Chicago Markets:
Tracy Wilder, e:, p: (203) 605-5785
Angelo Ellerbee, e:, p: (201) 224-6570

Eastern Markets:
Ta-Tannisha Brown, e:, p: (646) 450-5734
Tracy Wilder, e:, p: (203) 605-5785
Angelo A. Ellerbee, e:, p: (201) 224-6570

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or require additional information. Let’s make great music together!


KTN Management
For Kyle P. Lyric Publishing LLC
P: (347) 758-2077

Kyle Knight Social Media Profiles:
Facebook: @KyleP.LyricPublishingLLC
Twitter: @kyleknightmusic
Instagram: @kyleknightmusic
YouTube: Kyle Knight Music

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