PRESS RELEASE: Kyle Knight’s New Song Puts Focus on Prostitution and The Need For Women’s Sexual Self-empowerment


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Nov 3, 2017 (Chicago, Il)


As international headlines blast about sex, sexuality, and the open discussions being had about its abuse and misuse; rapper Kyle Knight addresses its underside in his latest release. The song, “Hey Sister” frankly addresses the perils of prostitution in an age where women are, now instead, taking control of being objectified and victimized. The dynamic track goes to the heart of self-empowerment by pointing out what is still taking place in society’s underbelly, while others are fighting back against sexual violation. The song’s video tells a riveting storyline that invokes thought-provoking views and stirs deep emotion in its climatic ending.


Quickly becoming known for the conscious Hip-Hop components in his songs; on the May 2017 release of The Truth EP, a 4-track project, Knight delivers deep insight on news dominated topics—whether about respect for women, America’s addictions, or hidden government agendas. Currently available on Kyle’s website and in digital outlets worldwide, the EP offers relevant viewpoints like on his timely track, “Addiction” which explores the opioid epidemic plaguing millions around the world.


Knight will be taking his message-laced music on the road, hitting the Chicago markets from November 8-10th 2017. He will be available for interviews, including a media press luncheon schedules for November 9th at Devon Seafood Grill 39 E. Chicago Ave. Chicago, IL 60611.


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About Kyle Knight:
Equal parts storyteller and reality rapper, Kyle Knight eloquently addresses political corruption, social justice, addiction epidemics, misogyny, and more in his music. In May of 2017, he released The Truth EP with four singles under his Kyle Knight Music brand and under his company, Kyle P. Lyric Publishing, LLC.


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