Since he first emerged on the scene, Rapper/Songwriter Kyle Knight has proven to be more than a conscious Hip-Hop social commentator. It is his depth as a lyricist that gives such weight to his songs. While relatively new to the mainstream, he has steadily worked his way toward being one of the most critically aware songwriters of his era. After releasing three singles and prepping a variety of remixes, his acclaim has grown internationally. With his new EP, The Truth, he offers up versatility in tracks with just enough added social awareness to keep everything sharply relevant. Much like Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On did for one generation, The Truth, scheduled for a June 2018 release, is set to chronicle Knight’s own. As with all his songs, The Truth peels back the surface gloss of society and presents what is really happening.


Growing up in New York, he had ample access to his father, David Knight's (an established Hip Hop producer) wall-to-wall recording studio. There, he quickly adapted to songwriting, basic engineering, and developed an appreciation for live instrumentation at a young age. By studying the greats in all genres of music, Knight honed his craft listening to top acts from Michael Jackson to Nas and Tupac. By later adding artist development courses to carve out his live performance and vocal techniques, he set to sharpening his skills as a writer by crafting all his own songs. Over time, Knight evolved his abilities into a performance force. While attending Legacy High School in Manhattan, he states he was that kid you’d always find rapping in the staircase. In his school, they offered a full in-house recording studio for him to further advance his study in the field.


A revealing look at his music shows that as his talents grew, eventually into songs like, “Hey Sister” (exposing abusive relationships while encouraging female empowerment), he grew also. With the song released in the wake of the #metoo movement, it provides us another layer to Kyle Knight’s offerings his empathetic view of the community around him. Pulling from his own youth, Knight’s writing reflects a troubled world, and what his lifewould have become had he given into pressure from the streets. The 1990's proved as challenging for Knight as most any other young black male. Yet his lyric writing helped him script a different story for himself than of one who succumbed to street life. With a desire to become successful without pursuing illegal methods, he focused on his art form and even traveled abroad in his youth. With positive influences around him, he shifted his approach to producing music that reflected his internal growth. From erasing profanity from his lyrics to reflecting reality through his unique lens in an effort to uplift and inform the people. Thus, the evolution of both the man and his music.


He has gained a respectful following by using innovative orchestration and message-filled rhymes, whether addressing self-empowerment for men and women or hidden government agendas. With Kyle Knight Music company as his base, his stronger productions, videos, and lyrics reflect a progressive climb towards an award-winning career. If his previous singles are any indication of the power behind his new production team, the album promises to establish him for a long ride with listeners. By continuing to introduce new singles throughout the remainder of 2018, such as “Addiction” set for a mid-fall release; it will lead new audiences to his forthcoming albums. With the planned 2019 release of his cumulative tracks together in one album, Kyle Knight 2020, will offer everything recorded to date from, “Hey Sister”, to an electrifying new song, “X by Necessary.” The video for “X by Necessary” shows Knight highlighting and depicting the life and death of Malcolm X, using Knight’s lyrically strong agenda against captivating audio and video production.


Based on early radio testing ahead of the June 1st, 2018 release, numbers show an increasing fan base, particularly after every new show. Live events such as Knight’s recent appearances around the country, including the two-day event for the Survivors of Violence in Cleveland, Ohio offer the biggest indication of listener’s growing appreciation. The music has been resonating with the crowds, as especially proven at the event in Cleveland, with hundreds of eager autograph seekers snatching up his memorabilia and letting him know to keep the music coming. He recently debuted the video premiere screening of his music video,

"Hey Sister" at the Sugar Bar NYC, during as especially proven at the event in Cleveland, with hundreds of eager autograph seekers snatching up his memorabilia and letting him know to keep the music coming. He recently debuted the video premiere screening of his music video, "Hey Sister" at the Sugar Bar NYC, during Harlem Week along with other appearances in Chicago and New York. With the growth in everything from his compelling image to his video imagery, to his sound and live performance; the socio-political scribe has most notably evolved as a powerhouse writer. By taking the story behind his music to producers and DJ’s of renowned such on different The Truth Remixes with DJ Prince Ice, Seneca, and DJ Slater. Working with Promoter Dennis Cash, he continues taking the message in his music to cities across the country, including a follow-up tour to the album’s launch including the Carolinas, Atlanta, and a return trip to Cleveland.

 Taking his conceptual music to an even deeper level, The Truth Chronicles has been the basis for an 8-part series, presented by Taking viewers into the facts behind every major issue we face from police brutality to climate change, exposing the truth as the people see it.


Meanwhile, approached about acting and modeling opportunities, including endorsements and commercial ads; Knight maintains an openness to all the above, with TV being a keen interest. Just knowing that his music is inspiring so many people keeps him open to creating in multiple genres with his talents, stating, “Undeniable product gets responses” By taking the gift of writing to music, he sets his pen and his voice to lead with example.As hands-on with his songwriting as he is, he takes the same approach with his social media and you can find him engaging his fans and new audiences daily via: